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DISHING SOCIAL MEDIA – Mobile Trends In Retail Real Estate

Have you ever poked fun at a colleague, friend or family member that turned red and frantic after realizing they don’t have their smartphone? Well, we now live in an era where this is a medical condition, and it’s called Nomophobia. Ridiculous? Absolutely, but truth is, we most likely have all been there. I’ve recently been conducting a significant amount…read more →

DISHING SOCIAL MEDIA – Getting To Know Boston, Socially

Boston – The unofficial capital of New England, The Hub, Beantown, America’s Walking City, Olde Towne, City of Champions. However you know Boston, by the magical fruit, killer sports teams or otherwise, the city is full of history, culture and unique retail real estate and there are plenty of ways to stay updated and socially connected. The ICSC New England…read more →


So you’re back from Sin City if you work in retail. You had some productive meetings, attended a cocktail party or two (which did or did not include a mermaid) and now you’re back at the office pulling together your expense report and scouring over your notes – now what? We all know, one of the biggest mistakes in any…read more →


Have you noticed a couple less people walking the bustling ICSC RECon hallways with overflowing binders the last year or two? Like it or not we are living in a new technological world where iPads are the new binder, Facebook is the number one ranked website, we get our news via 140 characters and conducting business is now largely handled…read more →